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Myvitamins.com 是隸屬於英國The Hut Group集團* 的保健產品,亦是英國時尚芭莎所推薦的品牌。

Myvitamins的保健產品主要有三大類別: 美容系列(膠原蛋白粉,玻尿酸精華,覆盆子精華)、減肥瘦身系列(CLA, 白芸豆精華, 蛋白粉)、學習系列(健腦魚油,保護視力)等都是英國當地最受歡迎的保健產品之一。

* The Hut Group (THG) 除了擁有Myvitamins品牌外,還有知名的品牌和網站。例如: Lookfantastic, Beauty Expert, HQhair,illamasqua, Coggles, Mybag 和 Myprotein等。

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Thermon Blend 添加了很多重要維生素,其中B6和B12可以確保您的身體保持均衡的血糖水平,實現減肥的作用,因為它們是直接影響您身體分解脂肪的能力!

The basic idea is to make sure that your body’s metabolism gets the right amount of support so that your body can release a sufficient amount of energy in your diet, then it can further provide you the optimal conditions to burn calories of your body.

When your diet is lacking in some vitamins or minerals, your body may not be able to run properly. By supplementing certain vitamins/minerals into your diet, this can actually boost the energy level of your body and can provide you with the energy required to stay healthy. 

Support your metabolism with our energizing blend of nutrients:

Thermon Blend has added a lot of important vitamins in which B6 and B12 can maintain a balanced blood sugar level of your body, it helps weight loss because they directly affect your body’s ability to break down fat!

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Introduction of Myvitamins

myvitamins is a fresh and contemporary concept of vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, superfood ingredients and supplements. It is a new brand launched by the fastest growing e-Commerce retailer (The Hut Group (THG)) in the Health and Beauty industry. Apart from myvitamins, The Hut Group also has those brands like Myprotein, Lookfantastic, ProBikeKit, Zavvi, IWOOT, Beauty Expert and IdealFit.

myvitamins offers premium quality vitamins, multivitamins, minerals, superfood ingredients and supplements to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle of people. With a range of over 40 specially designed products targeting women, men and kids, people can shop with confidence for their wellbeing. Highly recommended products include fish oils, vitamins & minerals, vitality and weight loss. Moreover, it also provides some products maintaining the health of bone & joint, detox & anti ageing as well as maintaining the health of  heart & brain.


英國Myvitamins保健產品主要有三大類別: 美容系列、減肥瘦身系列、學習系列等。


-葡萄籽 + 维生素C胶囊改善肤色,美白抗氧化。


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