2019 Top 10 Most Popular Instagram (2019年10大Instagram人氣王)

【2019年10大Instagram人氣王】2019 Top 10 Most-followed Instagram Account

With a new year on the horizon, let us tell you who are the 10 most outstanding people that heads the ranking of the most polular instagram account. 

2019年又到尾聲, 今年instagram全球10大人氣最高嘅帳號由邊個奪得? 即刻揭曉!!

【2019 Top 10 instagram 】

2019 Top 10 most popular instagram account

(source: wikipedia)

Instagram is a photo-sharing social networking platform that allows users to post and share their photos online directly with both their friends and followers on the social network.

Instagram係一個分享照片嘅社交網絡平台,用戶可以直接與社交網絡上嘅朋友, 同埋佢地嘅關注者在線發布及分享他們的照片。


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